Virtual Workshops


The Magic is Within!


This is a great day full of insight, information and lots of tools and techniques. It is fun, relaxing, self-nurturing and self-empowering. It can be taken as a one-off to gain tools or as frequent as you like to give yourself a beautiful day and reconnect to you.

Victoria creates a beautiful space where we can find calm, peace and be guided through spiritual practices. This space brings us back to ourselves and the connection to our spirit, higher self and Intuition.


We all live in a busy world and often can forget our daily spiritual practice and inner centre. This class is to remind us, guide us back to, and reconnect. It is a spiritual gift to yourself.


  • Know yourself more and gain Self-Empowerment

  • What is Intuition, how do you connect with it and the difference between intuition and psychic ability

  • Learn how to Protect your energy and personal space

  • Understand your energy body, and it's importance in your life

  • Listening to your inner truth

  • Connecting to your higher self

  • Learn more about your chakra's and the role they play with intuition

  • Understanding the language of your intuition, how to hear it and trust it

  • Meditation made easy, and it's importance to your intuition

  • Lots of practices to just enjoy the day and reconnect back to your self and be self-nurtured.

  • Meditation

  • Sound & Music

  • Affirmations

  • Guided Meditation

  • Breathing 

  • Energy centring

  • Grounding

  • Mindfulness​​


AND MUCH MUCH MORE.............

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