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Rock Maze


Readings - Transformational Energy Healing - Spiritual Visionary Coaching

All sessions are online in the comfort of your own space, anywhere in the world!


All sessions are truly unique and personalised to you and your needs. All session are done online in the comfort of your own space and any place in the world.


Victoria covers all areas of Psychic Readings, Energy Healing , healing journey work, personal transformation, spiritual growth, intuitive development, releasing Karmic energy, past trauma, unconscious blockages and transforming belief systems.


Victoria works with you and your energy, through a combination of her psychic gifts and unique energy healing methods in any area of your life.


Sessions can be as a one off to help move you forward or ongoing for your continued healing journey, spiritual growth and empowered transformational life journey.

Psychic Reading Sessions - can help you gain an understanding of yourself and the situations surrounding you, in any area of your life, bringing profound insight, clarity and direction. Victoria also works with oracle cards, your Angels and Guides and loved ones past.

Transformational Energy Healing Sessions  - can help you if feeling stuck, dis-empowered, needing an understanding of yourself and personal transformation or healing journey. Victoria helps to identify blockages, beliefs, and other energies that may be holding you back from the natural flow of your life. Working to release past situations and karmic energies. Working at a soul level to shift and elevate your energy and vibration, disconnecting and transforming what no longer serves your highest good on all levels. Aligning you with your higher self and soul’s vision, psychically guiding you through your personal transformation, healing journey and spiritual growth for positive change.


Regular Visionary Life Journey Sessions - These session are done on a regular basis after any Initial Session with Victoria.

Working with you on a continual basis these sessions support you at a soul level to navigate your life's journey. Victoria works with you through her many gifts and skills to support your spiritual wellbeing, personal growth and empowerment.

Lifting your energy and vibration , giving practical focusses and processes that support your positive movement forward.

Victoria works with you to strengthen your intuitive self, working with you on all levels holistically to create through a new story and vision. The Magic is truly within and Victoria will work with you to unlock it, embrace it, nurture it, and create from it.....


Session Payments-AUD

45 minute -

Psychic Reading session



60 minute -

Transformational Energy Healing session


90 minute -

Transformational Energy Healing session


Regular - 60 minute - existing clients only

Visionary Life Journey Session


Regular - 90 minute - existing clients only

Visionary Life Journey Session

Distant - Energy Work Session

Existing Clients Only


Distant - House/Space/Crystals/Pets 

Energy Clearing & Healing Sessions