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Readings - Energy Healing - Spiritual Mentoring

All sessions are online in the comfort of your own space, anywhere in the world!

All sessions are truly unique and personalised to you and your needs. All session are done online in the comfort of your own space and any place in the world.


Victoria covers all areas of Psychic Readings, Energy Healing , healing journey work, personal transformation, spiritual growth, intuitive development, releasing Karmic energy, past trauma, unconscious blockages, transforming belief systems and aligning more to your souls energy and vision.


Victoria works with you and your energy, through a combination of her psychic skills and unique energy healing methods in any area of your life.

Sessions can be as a one off to help move you forward or ongoing for your continued healing journey, spiritual growth and empowered transformational life journey.

Service Description

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Psychic Reading Sessions


Victoria brings profound insight clarity and direction into any area of your life. Helping you gain an understanding of yourself and the situation around you and supporting your empowered movement forward. 

These session can also be for space with loved ones past for resolution, peace and healing.


Victoria creates a safe and caring space in her reading sessions and always aims to bring through what is in your best and highest interest.


A reading session with Victoria is truly positive and empowering at times of change, confusion, crossroads or just needing clarification of what your higher self already knows. A Reading can really bring you back into the clarity and direction of your souls journey.



Psychic / Energy Healing Sessions

If you are feeling stuck, dis-empowered, needing an understanding of yourself and healing on your journey these session are for you.


Working Psychically and Energetically Victoria identifies blockages, beliefs, situations and other energies that may be holding you back from the natural flow of your life. 

Releasing past situations and karmic energies and working at a soul level to shift and elevate your energy and vibration. Theses sessions help disconnect and transform what no longer serves your highest good and aligning you with your higher self and soul’s vision.

Psychically and Energetically working with you on your healing for positive change, Victoria works to bring self empowerment to truly find your magic within. Along with Victoria's Psychic guidance and Energy Work she also works with the energy vibration of Aromatherapy oils, Bush Flower essences, Bach and Bush Flower essences and crystals to support the healing space when needed.




Regular Personalised Sessions

(Weekly to Bi Monthly only)

These session are done on a regular basis after at least three consecutive "Psychic Healing Session" with Victoria.

Working with you on a continual basis these sessions support you at a soul level to navigate your life's journey in the most empowered way for you. Victoria works with you through her Psychic guidance and Energy Work to support your spiritual health, personal growth and Soul alignment.

It is important now more than ever to keep our energy clear and our Vibration aligned and balanced, and we can only do that when we are working through what is holding us back, practicing good spiritual health and being true to our souls vision. When our vibration is high we can co create into our life from our souls alignment and truth.


Victoria works on a continual basis Psychically and Energetically, giving practical focusses and processes supporting your spiritual health and souls visions to create the life your truly deserve. Working with you on all levels to create through a new story and vision. The Magic is truly within and Victoria will work with you to unlock it, embrace it, nurture it, and create from it.....

Remote Energy Work Session


If you are already an existing client with Victoria theses session are designed for you at times when you are feeling bogged down from the energies around you, other peoples negativity, overwhelm from too much over thinking and your energy being completely out of balance. This spirals you further out of alignment and the true connection of self and truth which can also start affect your relationship with your outer world. These session support your Spiritual Health.


Done Remotely, meaning you are not required to be online with Victoria. Wherever you are in the world Victoria can do a Remote Energy Work session at time of challenge or overwhelm to clear and balance your energy and energy around you.  Bringing Energetic lightness and calm, restored energy, creating balance and helping  bring you back into clarity.

These session can also be on done on your home or any space to clear out negative energies. Working with pets , family members and also crystals to clear their energies and restore them back to working in the right positive support for you.

To request a session contact Victoria as you would for any booking. Once it has been booked in with Victoria it can take a couple of days to complete the work, once all is , Victoria will contact you to let you know that all the work has been completed.

Payments -AUD

Psychic Reading Session

 60 Minute - $150

Psychic Energy Healing Session

 90 Minute - $185

Regular Personalised Session

60 Minute - $135

Remote Energy Work Session

  60 Minute - $165

90 Minute - $165


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