The work Victoria does expands worldwide to transform her knowledge and wisdom into a formula unique to each person she works with. All of Victoria's sessions are done online via phone, Skype, Whats-App or with some services, distant/remote.

Victoria has been Psychic all her life, and over the past 20 years has studied in Core Shamanic healing, Trans-personal psychology, Theta HealingAromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Flower Essences,  Reiki Healing, Card Readings and is a Clairvoyant, Empath and also worked as an online Psychic for 7 years with many top international Psychic Lines.

Her work brings clarity, direction, a deeper understanding of yourself, situations and world around you. She guides you to a higher knowing, transformation and empowerment to create the life you truly deserve.

Victoria has also explored other professional backgrounds through her life including corporate, property, aged care and the health and well-being industry.

Her passion now is the work she dedicates herself to, her International Psychic, Spiritual Coaching and Energy Healing Practice - Visionary Healing Consulting.

A Message from Victoria

Through my personal journey and challenges in my own life, I have come to the belief that the most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves.

Living true to ourselves, connecting to our higher truth and deeply loving who we are, is the journey to true happiness and success in all areas of our lives.

Being psychic all my life brought its own challenges among many others, including abusive relationships, phobia's, an eating disorder in my 20's, single parenting and much more.

This led me to explore many areas of study and self-development and has allowed me to understand my psychic gifts, my relationship with myself and how that relates to the world around me.

It was not always an easy journey, to say the least, but an enlightening and empowering one; one I continue to work on every single day.

Life can throw us challenges. We can feel isolated, overwhelmed, confused, unclear or stuck; and we all need an understanding of our journey and clarity to navigate a way through and forward. If we can find the right navigation we can indeed turn the challenges into growth and discover the MAGIC! within.

We can go from surviving to thriving!

I am passionate about the work I do and the importance of it now more than ever as we navigate this lifetime.

Be the positive change in your life!

"Transformation is moving beyond old beliefs, patterns and energies that have been holding you back." 

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