Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q - Are all sessions done online and anywhere in the world.

1. A  -Yes all sessions are done online or remotely and can be done wherever you are in world.


2. Q - What online platform do I connect to you with for my session.

2. A - You have a choice to connect with me through SKYPE , MOBILE NUMBER , SIGNAL APP.

3. Q - How do I make a booking.

3. A - Go to my "BOOKING & PAYMENTS" tab on my website and fill out the booking form. I will respond to you within the week with my next availble sessions.

4. Q - How do I know what session to book

4. A - Please go to my "SERVICES" page and read through the services that I offer. It explains everything for you thoroughly and then you will be able to decide what suits you best.

5. Q - How do I make payment for my booking.

5. A- Once you have sent me your booking form, with all details and service you are wanting. Scroll down on the same page under "PAYMENTS" and choose the appropiate session payment to your booking.

6. Q - What is the difference between "Psychic Insight /Guidance session and Energy Healing & Psychic Guidance session.

6. A - The difference is one has deeper transformational work with energy healing work, and the other does not. 

7. Q - Can you explian the booking process.

7. A -

1. Fill out the booking form, I will reply withing the week with session options that suit your location.

2. Make appropriate payment on the payment page, to secure your booking that you have made.

3. Send me your request for connection either to my SKYPE or SIGNAL APP. You will recieve the details of these that you need, on my reply email to you.

8. Q - What if I am an exitistig client but have not had a session recently or on any ongoing basis.

A- You can have a Casual session at anytime during the year or as you need one. Just choose between either a "45 Min Psychic Insight /Guidance Session" or a 60 Min or 90 Min " Energy Healing & Psychic Guidance Session" Depending on your needs.

9. Q - What if I have read through the services but am still unsure what suits me.

A- This is the best way to decide.


If you are just needing some insight and direction around a few areas , then go with a 45 Min Psychic Insight/Guidance Session.


If you feel you are needing deeper work, and several areas, past, present, future, and energy work at any level, then go with the Energy Healing & Psychic Guidance Session 60 Min or 90 Min.


If you are still unsure then start with a 45 Min Psychic Guidance Session , it is a great place to start and can reveal other things if you may need moving forward.

10. Q - What are my session choices if I am a new client.

10. A - You have the choice with the following sessions.

1. 45 Min Psychic Guidance/Insight Session

2. 60 Min Initial Energy Healing & Psychic Guidance Session.

3. 90 Min Initial Energy Healing & Psychic Guidance Session.

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