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Since working with Victoria, I’ve left an abusive relationship, gotten my dream job in Paris, starred in a play for the first time in eight years, nearly finished a novel, reclaimed my empowerment, connected with my deceased grandmother, angels and fairies, travelled the world and forged a new relationship with my mother and sister. If I had left it at the first point, that would have been life-changing enough. So, the question isn’t – will working with Victoria work for me? The question is, are you ready for it to work?


Meagan - Paris



After losing my partner suddenly and unexpectedly I turned to Victoria for spiritual guidance and to try and make sense of the myriad of emotions I was feeling. Not only did she give me the support that I needed a million times over, but she gave me the most beautiful gift of connecting me to him through mediumship. Being able to know that the (seemingly 1-way) conversations I was having with him on an hourly basis were being heard, to hear him loud and clear connect to me through Victoria with all our intimate jokes and the moments we shared brought me, then and continue to do, comfort and peace. It doesn't take away the pain of losing him or fill the void that he's left in my life, but to be given some extra time with him has helped my healing. Victoria is truly gifted, amazingly supportive and the only person I would ever trust with my spiritual wellbeing. She is guiding me through an incredibly painful process and has brought light and purpose back into my world, bringing me back to and connecting me with my authentic self, the person that my partner fell in love with and wants me to be."

Abby - London



"Experiencing a reading and a healing with Victoria lightens your soul. Unlike any other reading I have experienced, Victoria is truly connected to spirit and your guides, that she has the ability to read your soul and purpose. Any fragments that are not integrated will be, and you will have a greater sense and understanding of who you really are, showing you a deeper sense of clarity."


Natasha - Australia



"With Victoria's wisdom, guidance and incredible psychic abilities over the past year, I have had several huge breakthroughs in my life! She guides and counsels me as I explore and continue to work on some of my deepest fears, my saboteur, and my shadow work.


Victoria is truly a gifted psychic/spiritual life coach and has so many tools in her toolbox that she is never at a loss for how to help me with any given situation. She always knows exactly how to speak to the issue and appears to use her gifts effortlessly regardless of the topic or issue at hand. She is always guided by Spirit and always delivers her messages in a loving manner that is for my highest purpose.


I am in a constant state of gratitude for Spirit leading me to Victoria and I know we will continue to work together for a very long time."


Judith Ann - United States



"Victoria is an extraordinary, gifted Energy Healer and Intuitive. Victoria. Through transformation, we are inspired to take a risk ... Leap into the bright unknown. During the many months of personal emotional turmoil last year, Victoria was my 'spiritual counsellor'.   Blessed with the gifts of 'seeing', 'hearing', 'feeling',  she was able to guide me through the myriad of challenges I was facing.


Victoria uses her wisdom, insight and integrity to lift and inspire. During and, after our conversations, her calm, grounded energy leaves me with a sense of balance and peace. As Victoria works with me to tap into my own intuition, I experience clarity. With this, I know where to take my next step forward. Victoria is also a Transition/Spiritual Guide who is helping me use my gifts and bring them to the world, as a business. When fears come up during the process, she is able to feel the energy around them, know where and why they are resurfacing.  In doing so,  she is able to help me conquer them.


I have accomplished much working with Victoria. I am still growing and transforming and accomplishing as we continue to work together."


Gabriella - United States



"When I met Victoria I knew she was the right person for me at that specific point in my life.  When I think of Victoria 3 words come up: "Wisdom", "Guidance" and "Healing". Victoria has been able to assist me with many aspects in my life eg. family, personal, self development etc. The great thing about the way Victoria works is that she works with the present moment or present energy and can provide specific guidance for that point in time.  As soon as I started following her advice, life became easier and I managed to perceive people and situations in a different way and things started to shift. 


Her psychic abilities allowed me as well to get a clearer understanding of past and current situations.  Once I got this insight I managed to let go of past events and heal and was able to adjust my future approaches. Having Victoria come into my life, has been a real blessing and I am very grateful for this opportunity .."


Sandra - Australia



"Victoria is a real gift!  She is a wonderful Spiritual Guide and Psychic who is gentle, wise and incredibly intuitive.  I feel so peaceful knowing that no matter what shows up in my life I have Victoria to partner with to navigate through and find peace again.  She even helped transform a troubling relationship with a family member who has passed, into something that I now treasure. 

She is always spot on accurate and knows what needs to be changed before my desires can be manifested, then helps to make those changes.  I am very excited about my future now that old core beliefs have been transformed into lovely treasures - all thanks to Victoria."


Deborah - United States

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