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Distant Personal Energy Clearing Rebalance & Alignment


Lightness - Balance - Rejuvenate

It is essential now more than ever to have regular energy clearing work done. We can absorb other people’s emotions, negative energies around us, and as we process through our own daily life challenges, we are continually facing our own negative thoughts, feelings and self-doubts.

These are all energies that are building up in our energy system and preventing that natural flow around us. This can cause a feeling of heaviness, tiredness and even physical experiences in our bodies and emotions.

A remote/distant energy session can help clear all these energies and realign you, restore a sense of calm, balance, grounding and strength. Energy cleansing and re-balancing can also help bring clarity, flow and positive movement again. 

All clearings are performed remotely, including any written communication pre and post-session. You are not required to be present, as Victoria connects to your energy and situation distantly.

Standard Remote session - This involves a personal clearing and re balacing of your energy.

Extended Remote Session - This involves more complex situations that may be going on with you and around you, it may also involve having to do your home and physical environment as well. Victoria may have written guidance and contact with you depending on the situation and what is needed.

Available Sessions - AUD.

Standard remote session

Session does not require you to be present

Extended remote session

Session does not require you to be present

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